Smoking Gun 34 4/9

So, in my opinion, the global climate change debate is delaying action by the federal government. I'm referring to action that would mandate green house gas emmission caps by factories, auto manufacturers, etc. What would bring about the end of the global warming debate? A smoking gun finding by respected scientists that indisputable evidence exists which indicates CO2 emissions are causing an unnatural change in global temperatures, weather patterns, ice cap melting, and more.

Where is that smoking gun evidence? EVERYWHERE! One such study, completed by NASA hired scientists, includes information that those scientists call "smoking gun" evidence of global warming. The scientists used 1,800 floats that they placed all over the earth's oceans in 2000 and which read the ocean temperature using precise temperature measuring devices.

The findings of this "smoking gun" study boil down to this paragraph in the MSNBC story..."They found that for every square meter of surface area, the planet is absorbing almost one watt more of the sun’s energy than it is radiating back to space as heat — a historically large imbalance. Such absorbed energy will steadily warm the atmosphere."

What opponents of global warming regulation like to do is undermine the reliability of these types of studies so that they may continue to postpone legislation until "indisputable evidence" of global warming is presented. Of course, as long opponents dispute every study, even with the most arbitrary complaints, no such evidence will ever exist. Pretty tricky game huh?

To challenge the creativity of opponents as much as possible, San Diego's Scripps Institution of Oceanography has said that their still unpublished study on global warming mirrors the findings of the NASA scientists.

What stuck out from the NASA study is that they have observed a "thermal inertia" in the earth which, "delays changes to the planet's energy balance." Meaning its not too late for our elected officials to pass regulations and halt the onslaught of climate changes.

As a recap, lets do a global warming check list...

- A smoking gun finding (Check)

- By respected scientists (Check)

- That indisputable evidence exists linking global warming ot CO2 emissions (Check)

So now that the global warming debate can officially end, will President Bush lead the way with restrictions on CO2 emissions in tonight's State of the Union address? Only time will tell.

MSNBC Story here... http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7665636/page/2/

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