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I don't know about you, but I dream of a world where we work from home. I know the excuse is that nobody will get anything done if they work at home. But I'm sure if we tried really hard, we could get used to it. There really isn't a need for that daily communte just to sit in front of our computers all day. With instant messaging, email, webcams, BlackBerrys, and high speed internet, its just a matter of time before we're putting the finishing touches on our spanky new home offices. You could finally have that corner office with a view you've always dreamed of!

While you're trying to convince your boss that the company would save billions if he/she'd let you work from home, at least make an effort to reduce paper pile-up. It is second-nature to print things out and keep copies of them. But let me recommend a totally new and better way of reducing all of that paper.

Google Docs and Spreadsheets. I just discovered this brilliant tool and it has the potential to make my life so much easier! It works just like Microsoft Word & Excel. You can create documents, upload documents, create spreadsheets, upload spreadsheets. Then you can save them as Word files, Wordperfect, Excel, EVEN PDF files. Google will also let you publish your work to a website so you can send the link to co-workers. Thats just one way to share the files, you can instantly email them to people, or invite collaborators or viewers to either edit or simply view the work. I didn't mention the best part yet. When you upload your work to Docs & Spreadsheets, you can access & edit them from anywhere! No more worrying about printing copies, worrying about hard drive crashes, burning CD's, or using those USB thumbdrives.

Anyways, you can read all about Google Docs & Spreadsheets here...http://docs.google.com/

I totally recommend it.
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