McCain Believes Global Warming

I guess the so-called debate on global warming has been centralized to a few lonely politicians. In an article in a California newspaper, McCain complains about the lack of interest by the White House on global warming. He emphasizes the steps California is taking in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

It is very promising that McCain is taking a pro-environment stand on this issue. I have always believed that protecting the environment is a non-partisan stance. Protecting the environment means protecting natural resources that are extremely valuable economically, recreationally, and sentimentally to the United States. Plus, destroying natural resources like wetlands or water bodies leaves taxpayers with the burden of funding expensive man-made machines to do what nature provides for free. There is enormous employment potential in developing more efficient and eco-friendly means to accomplish the same services & products we are already accustomed to. And with other nations like China & India increasing their footprint on the world's resources and climate, the US is in an urgent position to reduce our footprint.

Anyways, sorry for the soapbox speech. Here is the story.

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