Organic Paint

If you are thinking about painting the inside of your house and you'd like to avoid exposing yourself or your children to toxins, lead, etc., maybe you should consider organic paint.

Organic paint comes from a variety of sources and often comes in really warm, earthy tones. Here are some examples...

Real Milk Paint: Milk paint is very environmentally friendly, you can throw old paint on your garden without harm. Real Milk Paint ® is best applied to raw wood or unsealed walls or wall board. When refinishing antiques, be sure the surface is very clean, a light sanding would be necessary. Milk paint with the addition of Ultra Bond can be painted over latex paint. The surface must be clean without any wax or silicone. Coverage is approximately 70 square feet per quart.

BioShield Paint Company: The BioShield Paint Company is the result of the refinement of vision within the context of social needs. Founded in Santa FeNew Mexico in 1982 by Rudolf Reitz, the Eco Design Company, BioShield’s parent company and precursor, began to supply ecologically savvy North Americans with options for commonly used house and home products.
Today, the BioShield Paint Company focuses on supplying options to our customer base in three specific areas: Waterborne wall finishes and paints that use an extensive collection of 50 pigments, based on earth and ultramarine hues. Natural oils, interior and exterior wood stains, and waxes and finishes for floors and furniture. Cleaners and maintenance products.

Green Planet Paints: Green Planet Paints® is revolutionizing paints naturally, one wall at a time. Looking beyond conventional paints means rethinking what matters in paint -- its beauty, its imagination, its performance, and its effect on the planet. Our paints are alive, bursting with the harmony, rhythm and energy of life – rich reds with the zing of a late night saxophone solo, soft greens with the languor of a parlor piano sonata, crisp blues with the layered complexity of Tibetan chants, soft grays with the mystique of an early morning mist. The magic in the colors comes from their source – clay-based pigments made with ancient Mayan Indian techniques. Mix a bit of magic with the goodness of natural paints and you end up with Green Planet Paints® – paints to live by!

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