Presidential Candidates on the Environment

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that many politicians have filed paperwork to explore a presidential campaign. Just out of curiosity, I went through all of the candidates' websites searching for their stand on environmental issues. I have pasted my search results below. To avoid a big political discussion, I have been as fair as possible by simply copying and pasting the text directly from the candidate's websites. I am placing the Democrats first because, well, they come first alphabetically. By the way, I encourage you to visit all of these websites, I was shocked by the types of stands many candidates are taking.


--- Delaware Sen. Joe Biden: http://www.joebiden.com -

“Joe Biden's first priority is energy security. He believes we can strengthen security by reducing our oil consumption by increasing fuel efficiency, transitioning to farm-grown fuels like ethanol and biodiesel, and expanding the use of renewable energy. But we cannot stop there. Joe Biden would make a substantial national commitment by dramatically increasing investment in energy and climate change research and technology so that that United States becomes the world leader in developing and exporting alternative energy.”

“Containing greenhouse gas emissions within our own borders is a necessary and important start - but it is not enough. Joe Biden has led a bipartisan coalition calling on the President to return to negotiations for a new climate change treaty. Developing countries - China, India, Mexico, Korea and Brazil - will soon be the greatest source of greenhouse gas pollution. They must be a part of the solution.”

“But we cannot exert pressure on these countries until we take meaningful action to limit greenhouse gas emissions here at home. Joe Biden supports a "cap and trade" approach to regulating emissions and investment in technologies that can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

--- New York Sen. Hillary Clinton: http://www.hillaryclinton.com -

No issues section on website

--- Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd: http://www.chrisdodd.com -

The section is actually too long for me to cut and paste, view it here…http://www.chrisdodd.com/issues/energy_and_environment

“Dodd believes our nation now needs to take even stronger steps to increase the energy efficiency of our cars, appliances, homes and offices. These steps include expanding our research and development of new energy-efficient technologies, subsidizing and incentivizing the purchase of energy-efficient products for homes and offices, and improving energy efficiency standards for our automobiles, appliances, factories, and other products.”

--- Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards: http://www.johnedwards.com -

Our nation's dependence on oil and other fossil fuels is contributing to global warming and jeopardizing our national security. To protect our future, John Edwards believes that Americans must be patriotic about something other than the war. We must act now by investing in clean, renewable energies like wind, solar, and biofuels to create a new energy economy, developing a new generation of efficient cars and trucks, and putting new energy-saving technologies to work in buildings, transportation, and industry.

--- Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich: http://kucinich.us -

The Section is actually too long for me to cut and paste, view it here… http://kucinich.us/issues
“The United States should lead the way in protecting our oceans, rivers and rural environments -- and I have been speaking out on these issues across America. I will also continue to lead in fighting for clean, affordable, and accessible drinking water -- which is an emerging global concern. Over the years, I have worked hand in hand with the environmental movement on many battles, from thwarting a nuclear waste dump to boosting organics to demanding labels on genetically-engineered products. I've won honors from the Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, and the League of Conservation Voters.”

--- Illinois Sen. Barack Obama: http://www.barackobama.com -

No issues section on website.

--- New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson: http://www.richardsonforpresident.com -

"Our next President must be able to start reversing Global Warming and making real progress on energy independence and that means making a real commitment to renewable sources of energy. That's what I've done in New Mexico where we're requiring that 10 percent of all energy come from renewable sources and we're moving toward 20 percent, we've provided incentives for solar, wind, biofuels and other renewables, and again that's what I'll do as President. As Energy Secretary I implemented tough efficiency standards that have saved consumers billions in energy costs. Everybody talks the talk on these issues -- I've done it."

--- Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack: http://www.tomvilsack08.com -

No issues section on webite


--- Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback: http://www.brownback.com -

Senator Brownback’s site does not specifically address the issue of the environment. The only mention comes in his energy section where the candidate states…”In the last Congress, I co-sponsored the Vehicle and Fuel Choices for America Security Act. This bill aims to reduce our oil consumption by 2.5 million barrels per day in ten years by taking an innovative, market-based approach that relies on advanced technology and an expansion of renewable fuels. I will continue to fight for energy independence.”

--- Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore: http://www.draftgilmore.org -

No environmental issues discussed on website.

--- Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani: http://www.joinrudy2008.com -

No environmental issues discussed on website.

--- California Rep. Duncan Hunter: http://www.gohunter08.com -

No environmental issues discussed on website.

--- Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee: http://www.explorehuckabee.com

UPDATE: The section from Governor Huckabee's environmental section is actually too long to post, see it here...http://www.explorehuckabee.com/site/PageServer?pagename=Meet_Mike_Huckabee_Amendment_75

"One of first things Mike Huckabee did after becoming governor was to fully support a proposed constitutional amendment to ensure our state parks would be rebuilt and maintained for many generations to come. Proceeds from that amendment -- supported overwhelmingly by Arkansans-- have been used during the past decade to fund the state’s conservation agencies."

--- Arizona Sen. John McCain: http://www.exploremccain.com -

No issues section on the website.

--- Texas Rep. Ron Paul: http://www.ronpaulexplore.com -

No issues section on the website.

--- Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney: http://www.mittromney.com -

There is no environmental section on the candidate’s website but there is this mention in the energy section…”We must become independent from foreign sources of oil. This will mean a combination of efforts related to conservation and efficiency measures, developing alternative sources of energy like biodiesel, ethanol, nuclear, and coal gasification, and finding more domestic sources of oil such as in ANWR or the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).”

--- Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo: http://www.teamtancredo.com -

No environmental issues discussed on website.

--- Former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson: http://www.tommy2008.com -

No environmental issues discussed on website

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