Throw a Green Oscar Party

Its Oscar time again and maybe you're planning to get your friends together for the big event. For a new twist this year, why not throw a Green Oscar party in honor of the nomination of "An Inconvenient Truth" for best documentary.

Here are some tips on what to do...

  1. Evite your guests instead of doing paper invitations.
  2. Coordinate a caravan to pick up each guest to limit parking problems, avoid drunk driving, and lower carbon emissions.
  3. Make a category board from recycled cardboard where guests can initial the candidates from each category they believe will win in that category.(Everyone loves the party bus)
  4. Buy recyclable cups, plates, and napkins. Instead of tacky paper decorations, buy organic flowers and use items from around the house like movie posters and DVD covers.
  5. Use candles for lighting and mood instead of keeping all the lights on in the house which burns electricity.
  6. Make Vegan snacks. No one will know the difference and they are low impact on the earth. Go here for recipe ideas. Or just use organic materials to make your snacks.
  7. Roll out the green carpet? Maybe a carpet made of that fake grass stuff.
  8. Ask your guests to unveil their eco-friendly fashion and take pictures of their hemp dresses or recycled pizza box tuxedos.
Thats all I've got. If you have some ideas, leave a comment. Enjoy the show!

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