ESPN Sporting Eco-Thinking

For years, people who enjoy various sports have been worried about the environment. The threat of fishing, skiing, hunting, etc. going away because of irresponsible management policies would make any outdoorsman/woman furious. Some organizations, like Ducks Unlimited, have even gotten into preserving habitat by purchasing land and protecting it from development so its members have somewhere to hunt. Sports fisherman and commercial fisherman are constantly at odds because of overfishing issues. Winter sports competitions are sweating bullets over the possibility of zero snow fall in the world's most famous resort towns.

Finally, ESPN has caught up with its readers and has published a story on the impact environmental changes have on sports and what some groups are doing to turn back the clock on global warming.

Searing heat is turning that rite of passage of Texas high school football, the August two-a-day, into a one-at-night, while at the game's highest level the Miami Dolphins, once famous for sweating players into shape, have thrown in the soggy towel and built a climate-controlled practice bubble. Even the baseball bat as we know it is in peril, and final scores and outcomes of plays may be altered too.

This is actually a really interesting piece, especially if you're into sports. Don't fret yet though, there are ways to alter our actions so our quality of life won't diminish. How about all those rich sports stars give up their SUV's as a first step?

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