EPA Disobeying Supreme Court?

Everybody heard about the Supreme Court decision that the EPA not only has the authority to regulate greenhouse gases, but they better have a darned good excuse when they don't actively regulate them. I think most people understand that disobeying the Supreme Court is a big no-no. We're talking about a court with the power to ship you out of the country if you don't behave.

Apparently the EPA is not home to "most people." They are proposing a new rule for power plants that would allow those plants to expand their operations without first adding additional pollution controls. This would result in greater release of greenhouse gases and soot that makes our air dirty and our children sick. Why would the EPA let power plants do such a thing when they're supposed to be increasing control over global warming gases not reducing it?

The EPA claims its a case of oranges and apples. They say the Supreme Court decision doesn't impact this new rule. I say this is fishy and regardless of whether or not the decision effects this new rule, the EPA needs to take a completely new approach to their regulations and stop thinking with a pre-global warming mentality.

Read all about it here...http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18331591/

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