Pope Goes Green

I don't know your personal views on the Pope, but there is certainly an environmental movement brewing beneath the surface of Evangelical and Catholic faiths. Who knows what will become of this slight trend, but its already been powerful enough to provoke the Pope into supporting more environmentally friendly behavior among his followers. 

Today, the Pope led an "eco-friendly youth rally" in Italy. The message was an awkward combination of committed monogamous love and respect for the earth. The rally coincided with a program called "A Day for Safeguarding Creation." The participants were given backpacks with crank-powered flashlights, recycling trash bags, and prayer books printed on recycled paper. 

This isn't the first attempt by the Vatican to endorse environmentally conscience behavior. Photovoltaic cells have been added to the roof of its buildings and they have held conferences on climate change. 

I wholeheartedly support communities like the Catholic church using its influence to encourage people to incorporate environmentalism into their daily lives. Perhaps those politicians who pander to religious voters will finally realize such pandering must include an eco-friendly platform. 

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