Green Fashionistas

Aren't you tired of wearing the same thing everybody else is wearing? Aren't you bored with the same old options? Wouldn't it be great if you could combine your love for clothing with your love of the environment?

Its getting easier and easier to make yourself standout with eco-friendly clothing that also gives you new fashion options. Sales of organic cotton grew from $86 million in 2001 to $275 million in 2005. This increase has caught the attention of retailers and designers.

This fall, Timberland and Patagonia is selling a Polartec Powder Dry Fleece made by Malden Mills and manufactured from recycled soda bottles. Patagonia is also extending its line of products made from chlorine-free wool base fibers. Timberland is adding labels to its shoes so consumers know exactly what their products are made of. For more information click HERE.

Planet Earth Clothing sells mens streetwear including sweatshirts, jeans and t-shirts. The clothing is made of organic cotton, hemp and recycled plastic bottles. The prices are competitive and all of the clothing looks extremely comfortable.

Simple Shoes is a shoe company that prides itself on its commitment to sustainable and hip design. "Finding materials and processes that make our products sustainable is a method we call Green Toe. It isn't a magical formula, or a cure. It is a compass that, we hope, points to a bright green future." I am particularly fond of the "Stop Global Warming Topeeka" and the "Men's Loaf."

Of course, the greenest outfit is one you pull from your existing collection because it requires no new resources to create. If you're bored with your wardrobe, try extending its life by making changes to the cuts of the clothing or combining different looks.


  1. I absolutely HATE this i would never want to wear garbage bags or recycled bottles that i drank out of at one point can you say EEEEWWWWWWW!!!!!! Oh and what are the tubes on her back for???

  2. pfffft. either you wear it or wait a few 100 thousand years to it to degrade. and when it does, itll release chemicals into the ground. sounds great doesnt it?
    (this is in reply to the person that commented before me)