Green Fast Food Tricks

Fast food is something to avoid. The name itself indicates an unsatisfying and utilitarian type of "nutrition." Unfortunately, with tight time schedules and unplanned events, fast food can be unavoidable. So on those days when you need something quick, or you crave some greasy treats, use these tips to make it easy on the earth.

  1. Park and walk: While you're sitting in your car with the engine running and the A/C blasting, you are getting 0 Miles/Gallon. You are just burning fuel and polluting the air. Park your car, walk inside the restaurant, and reduce your carbon footprint.
  2. Reject Excess Packaging: Fast food restaurants are famous for piling on the unnecessary packaging. There's the bag, the excess napkins, the extra ketchup packets, the lid, the straws, etc. All that stuff ends up in the landfill eventually. Order your food "for here" even if it is "to go." You'll get just what you need and nothing you don't. If you're getting a lot of food, just toss it in your cloth grocery bag. Avoid anything made of Styrofoam or plastic too.
  3. Bring Your Own Utensils: If you're getting a salad, avoid taking the plastic utensils you're offered. You're just taking the salad with you back to work or home. Utilize re-usable utensils.
I won't go into a huge discussion about the impact fast food restaurants and their products have on the environment. But it is pretty rough. Try to eat homemade meals as often as possible. If you do have to grab some grub, try to diminish the impact.

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