Green Thanksgiving

Its not too early to start thinking about your Thanksgiving dinner. This year we're responsible for cooking while the rest of the family relaxes and watches football. I started thinking that maybe we could integrate some eco-thinking into the holiday, just to do something different.

I've put together some green Thanksgiving ideas that you and I can both try and compare notes after the big day. I don't know about you, but there is no way my family is eating a pile of tofu shaped into a turkey. So these suggestions should fit a standard American family.
  1. Buy Local: Thanksgiving is essentially a celebration of the fall harvest. This doesn't mean buying frozen corn and peas flown in to your local grocery store. Grab your cloth bags and head down to the local farmer's market for some delicious winter squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, collard greens, apples and pears. You can find your local market by going HERE.

  2. Get a Free-Range Turkey: Besides being kinder to your future meal, buying a free-range turkey provides a bird that has moved about the yard guaranteeing a meatier, healthier cut.

  3. Reduce Your Consumption: You are going to eat a ton of food on Thanksgiving. Its inevitable. Make sure that the dump doesn't end up as full as you do by recycling all that tin foil. Collect any glass and plastic bottles as well. Plus, make sure those day after sale circulars end up in the recycling bin. Since your home will warm up with guests and a hot oven, keep the lights dim and open the windows up to avoid running the A/C. Finally, Give away all the leftovers you know you won't finish to your guests.

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