Hillary On the Sputnik Anniversary

I was invited to a Hillary Clinton speaking engagement this morning at the Carnegie Institute in DC. The speech was focused on today's 50th anniversary since the launch of Sputnik. Her speech highlighted the fact that although America has the knowledge, experience, and resources to lead the world in science and technology, we lack the leadership to coalesce these ingredients into real progress.

Many of the statistics Hillary cited in her speech I have heard before. Like the hundreds of thousands of jobs created in Germany thanks to a new green energy industry there. Or the enormous advantage China has over the U.S. thanks to greater investment in science and math education. And the halt of American scientific innovation because of poor funding and the politically motivated censorship of scientific thought.

The Politico.com did a great job of highlighting the speech. I will my favorite portions below and you can read their full story HERE.

Frankly, I was impressed with the serious and common sense approach Hillary took. I found her to be engaging and warm as well. I hope I have the opportunity to hear all the candidates discuss science and the environment soon.


"What America achieved after Sputnik is a symbol of what America can do now as we confront a new global economy, new environmental challenges, and the promise of new discoveries in medicine. America led in the 20th century. With new policies and a renewed commitment to scientific integrity and innovation, America is ready to lead in the 21st century."

President Clinton also would pursue "an ambitious 21st century space exploration program, by implementing a balanced strategy of robust human spaceflight, expanded robotic spaceflight, and enhanced space science activities." And she would establish a "$50-billion Strategic Energy Fund to invest in technologies to promote conservation, combat global warming, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil."

Rescind President Bush's ban on ethical embryonic stem cell research and promotes stem cell research that complies with the highest ethical standards.
Ban political appointees from altering or removing scientific conclusions in government publications without any legitimate basis for doing so, and prohibits unwarranted suppression of public statements by government scientists.

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  1. I hope she picks you for EPA Administrator