Oil Spills On 2 Coasts

One of the ways Oil corporations convince Americans that oil is the best energy source available is by insisting that current technologies guarantee the safest, cleanest, and most secure means for drilling and transporting oil. The public relations machine run by oil companies is so smooth, it has been successful at staving off government investment in renewable energy technologies, auto industry investment in more efficient automobiles, and attempts to block drilling in America's most serene natural habitats. Again and again we are all duped by this enormously powerful industry that acts as the perpetual victim while reaping the world's largest revenues in history.

The oil spilled in the Black Sea and the California coast is not just on the feathers and skin of the birds or sea life there, it is on all of our hands as well. In the face of record oil prices and terribly outdated vehicle fuel efficiency standards, we have sat silent and let this industry play us like fiddles.
There are real things that we can do to kick the oil addiction.

First, it is time to trade-in that gas guzzling car. It is patriotic to do so because it is in our national interest to rely on American sources of energy rather than Middle Eastern sources. There is such a proliferation of hybrid automobiles now that even the Toyota Camry comes in hybrid form. If you need a larger car, many SUV's currently run on powerful hybrid engines.

Second, its time to reconsider public transportation. Buses are circling your communities completely empty while they burn gasoline in the process. If not public transportation, than car pooling.

Third, many energy plants in cities across the U.S. burn gasoline to create power. That means the lights you forgot to turn off, the TV you left on, the AC or heat set too low/high, are all contributing to the oil crisis in our world. Why haven't you replaced those outdated incandescent light bulbs with longer-lasting, energy saving CFL florescent bulbs? Turn off the entertainment center power strip when you go to work, nobody is going to be listening to your stereo while you're gone.

Fourth, stop taking those plastic bags at the grocery store. Plastic is manufactured using petroleum. Tons and tons of petroleum is used every year to create bags that will be used once or twice. Instead, purchase or use your own cloth bags at the grocery store. They are stronger and they don't require oil for manufacturing.
Fifth, buy locally grown food rather than food shipped in from South America. There are many farmers' markets in every community in America. They feature fruits, vegetables, and meats all grown in your backyard rather than shipped in from a foreign country. Obviously, you will have to go to the grocery store to buy some products, but reduce your impact by only purchasing those things you need.

Fifth, contribute money to organizations and venture capitalists who fund development of new energy technologies. The federal government is too chicken to stand up to the oil industry, but we aren't. If our taxes won't go to new technologies that will create jobs and make America the most innovative manufacturing nation in the world again, then we'll just have to write checks to the people who will make this happen.

Sixth, call your Congressman/woman, your state Representatives, and tell them to stop giving subsidies and tax cuts to oil companies. There is no reason that when these corporations are making record profits, they should get tax breaks and tax money. Its our money, we know how to spend it better than the government or the oil companies. Vote only for Presidential candidates or other politicians who promise to do this.

Seventh, tell your friends, neighbors, families, relatives, co-workers, congregations, etc. to come on board. The 21st century will no longer belong to the 20th century's oil barons. If we all work together and make real changes in our lives, we can finally wave goodbye to the dirty, messy, costly energy sources of the past and look forward to a cleaner, cheaper, and economy-growing energy sources of the future.


  1. I like your blog! You have the right ideas when it comes to the overall impact that oil has on our world -- from energy conservation to removing the terrorists main source of funds, you've hit the nail on the head.

    Keep up the great work! I'll look to your blog for more great ideas and ask if it's okay for me to link to your site when I find interesting ideas...and I'll add you to my blogroll as well.

  2. I came up with some artwork about what polar cities might look like someday in future, say year 2500 or so.


    At this blogsite, you can see some early artwork depicting what polar
    cities might look like, interior views. Art was created by Taiwanese
    artist Deng Cheng-hong

    Would love it if one day you could blog about the topic of polar cities, pro and con, and do they make business sense, could there even be money in them for investors and owners? But first look at the architecural drawings. Futuristic yes. But we might have to live up there one day….

  3. Have you read, http://tinyurl.com/yrhav3

    It's about the shift of wealth from non-oil-owners to oil owners in the Washington Post.


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    All this consumption, this transport
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    If we would live: to thus consort
    But hastens our own finish.

  5. you guys can NOT be getting sucked into this liberal bull crap this easy!do you seriously believe that the reason our "ozone layer"is diminishing is because of the cars we drive?what are you thinking?
    GREENPEACE IS KEEPING US FROM DRILLING ON OUR COASTS OF OREGON,CALIFORNIA,AND FLORIDA LEADING TO RAISED GAS PRICES!the whole ANWR controversy is getting sooo old.seriously,democrats-stop being so selfish.you KNOW that you're just choosing to be stubborn and ignore the fact that drilling on our coasts would be so much less of a hassle.and seriously,I.M.S.SAD-GO DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE YOU START POSTING EMO HIPPIE POEMS PLEASE.