Green Gift Wrapping Suggestions

I admit it, I stole these great suggestions from a Minnesota state government website. But they are just so clever and creative. I challenge you to incorporate them into your gift wrapping plans this year. I will!

PS - These suggestions save money too.

Trying to avoid the "gift wrap trap?" Here are some great ideas for gift wrapping alternatives.
  • Scarves, handkerchiefs or bandannas.
  • Old posters and maps.
  • Pages from a child's coloring book taped together (especially nice for relatives who would enjoy the artwork).
  • Old sheet music.
  • Newspapers (foreign newspapers are great).
  • Last year's holiday paper (press with warm iron if wrinkled).
  • Wallpaper scraps.
  • Home-sewn cloth bags.
  • Fabric scraps.
  • Pictures or advertisements from magazines and catalogs.
  • Sunday comic pages.
  • A present in a present (for example, a hat in a matching scarf, jewelry in a wooden box, cookies in a reusable tin or cookie jar, barbecue grill utensils or picnic supplies in a tablecloth, kitchen gifts in towels or all-purpose cloths).
  • A plain box decorated with leftover glitter, paint, markers, etc.
  • A cake pan, basket or a wooden box.
  • Reusable decorative bags.
  • A “Hollywood box:” individually wrap or decorate the top and bottom of a box with a separate lid. Encourage the recipient to reuse the box.
    Purchase wrapping paper made from recycled paper.


  • Dry, popped popcorn (include a note explaining that birds can eat it.)
  • Biodegradable starch packing peanuts.
  • Used packing peanuts from previous gifts (unwanted packing peanuts, if they are clean, are accepted by many packaging stores for reuse).
  • Crumpled ads from the newspaper. (The ink on glossy paper won't smear as it does on the rest of the newspaper.)

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  1. greengiftsONLYpleaseAugust 18, 2008 at 5:10 PM

    Another great(specific) idea for packaging is using fashion magazines. Its very fashionable n cheap!! I wrapped my last gift to my gf using her fav magazine. She loved it. I also bought her a cookie bouquet from Bloomingcookies.com. Its pretty nice, they wrap any of their gift baskets using eco-friendly wraps. :)