Subway Takes the Challenge

I have blogged in the past about eating fast food and staying green at the same time. It may seem tough, but by parking your car rather than waiting in the drive-thru lane, taking only those supplies (i.e. napkins, bags, lids, containers, etc.) that you truly need, and staying away from Styrofoam, you can really reduce your impact while you eat fast.

Now Subway is making it a little easier to stay green when you eat in a hurry. First, Subway has moved storage locations closer to its restaurants to reduce fuel consumption by 1.6 million gallons annually. Second, Subway has announced that it will start buying cutlery that is made from polypropylene rather than polystyrene. The change in materials for Subway's annual order of 400,000 forks & knives will result in 2,800 barrels of oil saved/year and 1,200 metric tons less carbon dioxide in the air. Third, Subway's cups will also change to polypropylene which will mean 515,000 less pounds of resin used each year.

In addition, Subway is experimenting with green restaurants via a Kissimmee, Florida location that utilizes a multitude of green technology. LED lighting, low-flow water fixtures, light sensors in bathrooms, passive cooling, and variably controlled ovens should help the restaurant lower its electricity usage considerably while improving overhead costs in the long run.

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