Apple's Green-Up at Macworld

Today marks the beginning of the Macworld Conference in San Francisco. This is the annual convention that brings together Apple, Inc. and companies who manufacture Apple software or accessories.

Apple has always taken a lot of flack from Greenpeace and other environmental organizations for having a pretty mediocre record on non-toxic merchandise and recycling programs. Obviously, Apple is an easy target with its popular iPod and Mac product lines. But being a successful company impugns upon Apple more responsibility than your average consumer electronics company.

Back in May of 2007, Apple CEO Steve Jobs published an open letter addressing concerns about Apple's environmental impact. In it, Jobs explained Apple's plans to move to LED back lit technology in their computer screens, which eliminates the use of mercury in manufacturing. He also noted Apple's computer recycling program which... "Recycled 13 million pounds of e-waste in 2006, which is equal to 9.5% of the weight of all products Apple sold seven years earlier. We expect this percentage to grow to 13% in 2007, and to 20% in 2008. By 2010, we forecast recycling 19 million pounds of e-waste per year — nearly 30% of the product weight we sold seven years earlier."

You can read more about Apple's environmental stance HERE and recycle your Apple product by going HERE.

There are many predictions out there about what great new product Steve Jobs will unveil during his infamous key note address on Tuesday morning at Macworld. Last year he introduced the world to iPhone. This year he could introduce a thin, ultra-portable version of the amazing Macbook laptop called, "Macbook Air."

In addition to new products, Jobs is expected to address the progress Apple has made in reducing their environmental impact since May. He could also discuss new ways Apple plans on progressing their environmental efforts. Keep in mind, Al Gore is a member of the Apple Board of Directors!

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