David Beckham Has Huge Feet

Green Party members in the UK undertook the very serious task of measuring L.A. soccer star David Beckham's carbon footprint. Apparently, its the biggest in the world!

Just what has David done to deserve this distinction? In 2007, Becks flew over 250,000 miles (the distance to the dark side of the moon). He owns 15 of the worlds priciest, most powerful sports cars.

His demanding travel schedule caused the release of over 163 tons of CO2, compared to 9.4 by the average UK citizen. By far, it is all the flying around that has made David's carbon footprint so huge. During a four month span, he actually spent 8 days worth of time in the air. His dedication to playing soccer in UK competitions while he is still a member of the L.A. Galaxy means he has traveled 163,000 miles by plane.

The Green Party is calling on Beckham to make big changes to his lifestyle to reduce his carbon footprint since he is considered a hero to many young people.

Do you want to measure your carbon footprint? Go HERE

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