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One of the biggest drains of electricity at home or in the office is your computer. Its easy to forget all of the different things your computer is doing at any given moment and just how much energy it takes to do these things.

For instance, your monitor has a back-light and a screen that must stay on, your computer has a little fan that must run constantly, the large metal drive that holds your data must keep spinning in order to work, etc. etc. etc.

If you are like most Americans, you probably leave your home or work computer running even when you aren't in front of it. Not only does this age your computer at a faster rate, but it also wastes money in utility costs.

You can set-up your computer to manage its power usage by turning off after specific periods of inactivity. If you want to make things even easier, you can buy the Eco-button. The Eco-button is a piece of hardware you attach to the USB port on your computer. Whenever you are stepping away from your computer, hit the button, and your computer will go into a deep sleep. It is actually more effective then clicking the "sleep" setting on your computer.

Obviously this is an incredibly convenient way to save money and protect your computer. There is an additional component to the Eco-button. With the hardware comes software that measures your computer's electricity usage and tells you just how much money you're saving by using the Eco-button. This is instant gratification for anyone tired of paying high utility bills.

You can check out the Eco-button HERE. It only costs about $20.

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