Al Gore's Endorsement

To many inside the environmental community, Former Vice-President Al Gore is an idol. It is indisputable that the current Presidential race is colored by his work educating Americans about global warming. Not only have Democrats emphasized the need for expansion of technology to defeat greenhouse gases, but even the Republican front-runner has proposed a cap and trade system to begin drawing down emissions.

As if he hasn't contributed enough to the policy debates over our environment, many want Al Gore to use his endorsement to influence the 2008 Democratic Primary race. Despite this pressure, Gore has promised to wait until the Democrats choose their nominee before he campaigns for anyone. This according to the CNN Political Ticker.

Of course there is a lot of discussion of how much these endorsements really mean, in terms of actual votes cast. With momentum such an important factor in the Democratic race, getting a Party celeb like Gore to endorse you might shift media coverage at just the right time. Regardless of the timing of Gore's endorsement, the most important benefit of his support is the immense list of fundraisers and organizers he has at his disposal from his own campaign and environmental efforts.

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