Generate Your Own Electricity and Get Paid!

There are several great reasons to install solar panels and power generating windmills on your property and home. For one, you create a closed-system of electricity where the energy you use is the energy you generated. You save money in the long run from federal and state tax credits, as well as the obvious utility bill savings. Plus, you are creating electricity from a renewable, clean energy source right at home.

If you live in one of the several states that pays you to generate energy at home, you have one more great reason to install those panels and windmills. The process is called "net metering." Net metering allows you to sell back electricity to the electric company that you generated through your own renewable energy generators.

As you generate electricity, your home's meter will spin backwards and the power will be stored back on the grid for others to use. When you use electricity at home, the meter will spin forwards and eat away at the negative usage you've acquired. If you have negative usage on your meter at the end of the month, the electric company will compensate you.

The end result is a one-for-one purchase of electricity by the company from you. They are essentially paying you the same rate you pay them for each unit of electricity you put on the grid.

There is at least one city in nearly every state in the U.S. that offers net metering. The programs may differ slightly, but setting up a program is as easy as a quick call to your electric company.

To see the list of city/state programs and how they work, click HERE.

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