Oscars Go Green & So Can Your Party

The 80th Annual Academy Awards have consulted the Natural Resources Defense Council for advice on how to throw a greener Oscar party. According to their press release, "This year, the Academy, the Oscar telecast producer Laura Ziskin and the entire production team endeavored to select supplies and services with a sensitivity toward reducing the threats we face from global warming, species extinction, deforestation, toxic waste, and hazardous chemicals in our water and food."

In addition to the Academy's efforts, several guests will be arriving to the big show in electric and hybrid vehicles. Some new eco-limo companies have even been created to meed just such a demand. Even if celebs want to arrive in a Mercedes or other luxury car, they can be supplied with models that run on bio-diesel.

If you are planning on having some friends over for the big event, let me give you some pointers on having your own green Oscar party.

  1. Send Out Evites: Invite your guests to your party using Evites rather than paper invitations. On the Evite, make sure to mention that you are hosting a green Oscar party and all attendees are encouraged to car pool to the big event.
  2. Avoid Paper & Plastic: Class up your get together by using your nice dishes and glasses for your guests. Paper plates, plastic cups, and paper napkins are not reusable.
  3. Set Out a Recyclables Can: Make sure your guests have a special place to put any glass bottles or aluminum cans they use so you can recycle them later.
  4. Buy Food Locally: Visit your local organic grocer or farmers market to get locally grown and organic vegetables, meats, and cheeses.
  5. Create Your Own Category: When you invite your guests, ask them to submit all the ways they are green at home and hand out an award for Greenest Guest. Everyone will learn new things they can do at home to be greener AND the winner can give an acceptance speech.

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  1. Its not a party scene but maybe as a 'thanks for coming to my oscar party' email, you can let people know about www.openeco.org

    I've found it really helpful in calculating my carbon emissions and then becoming a part of their community to reduce it.

    The more you know...!