Whole World Invested in U.S. Election

This post doesn't directly relate to the environment, but some stories are too amazing too overlook.

The Wall Street Journal reports today that the world's nations are as split on the Democratic race as the United States is. According to the story, Barack Obama scores high amongst Europeans, specifically Germans. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is popular in China and Mexico.

Barack Obama's background as the son of a non-practicing Muslim Kenyan & a Kansan, who also lived briefly in Indonesia as a child, has attracted a great deal of attention throughout Africa and the Middle East. In Kenya, for instance, people supposedly order Senator brand beer by asking for an "Obama."

Hillary Clinton is viewed by nations with specific national security challenges, like Columbia and Israel, as being more capable on these issues. Former President Clinton's pro-trade position attracts the support of China and Mexico.

Support for Barack Obama among Europeans is part of a romantic fascination with his roots, according to the article. Despite their affection for Obama, there is skepticism that Americans will really vote for him.

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