Green DC: Capitol Hemp

This post is part of a weekly feature where we will focus on events and issues, related to the environment, happening in our own back yard of Washington, DC. Come back next Wednesday for another post.

I live North of Dupont, East of Kalorama Circle, South of Woodley Park and West of Adams-Morgan. Thankfully, this puts me within walking distance of a Yes! Organic Market, several farmers markets and a handful "green" shops.

If you live in this area, you are probably aware of a new store that just opened up called
Capitol Hemp. It is located at 1802 Adams Mill Road, right between the Starbucks and the new Wachovia bank. Having a locally owned, environmentally friendly store on a strip full of corporate banks and shops is a breath of fresh air.

Capitol Hemp's location in a downstairs store, below a hair dresser, belies the enormity of their mission. This new shop is embracing everything hemp with astounding attention to detail. Even the display shelves are made of renewable hemp board. The objective of Capitol Hemp is to educate the public about the benefits of hemp-made products while providing a huge array of hemp-made supplies from clothing to non-dairy milk.

If you thought hemp was illegal in America, you're wrong. Hemp is not the same as marajuana. Hemp is a multi-talented plant that can be used as a substitute for a whole array of products. It is natural and renewable. Unfortunately, hemp farming is not permitted in the United States because of the negative stigma attached to marajuana. Therefore, companies making hemp products in America import their hemp from overseas. Wouldn't it be greener if we could just grow this stuff here rather than wasting fuel shipping it from China?

Anyways, take a few minutes to check out Capitol Hemp's website and try to stop by when you're in the neighborhood.


  1. I'm sad I never got to check out this shop when I lived in DC. It sounds great and very interesting to see all the products made with hemp. For breakfast I usually eat an organic hemp cereal I get from Trader Joe's. It tastes so good! I'm a big advocate of hemp foods. Great blog, thanks for sharing with all your fans!

  2. I just visited this store and bought some very cute shoes--all made from hemp and recycled tires and stuff. The owners are really helpful and nice--and they are working on legalizing hemp production in the U.S.--so let's support them and their cause! Here's what I liked about the store: people had always said hemp was scratchy so I didn't buy the clothing or anything online. But this is the first nononline store I've seen that sells hemp, so when I went inside and actually felt the fabric I was shocked! Its silky and nice like linen. Amazing! The shoes were more than I'd usually pay at Target or something, but I feel that its TOTALLY worth it!