Grilling Green

Spring is fully upon us and in one month it will be summer time. That means its time to get back to the great American tradition of weekend grilling. I've already smelled that enticing aroma of sizzling barbecues around my neighborhood.

If you're looking to turn your backyard BBQ into a green occasion, follow the tips below for Treehugger.com

1. Choose locations accessible to public transport. Encourage all those who come to take transit, carpool, ride their bikes or walk to improve air quality and reduce traffic congestions.

2. Smoke contributes to smog. Avoid charcoal and wood grills in favour of propane to reduce air pollution. Avoid lighter fluid which releases Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs which are hazardous to health.

3. Use reusable dishes rather than plastics or styrofoam and washable napkins rather than paper.. If you must use disposables, use compostable plates, cups and utensils.

4. Shop greener to reduce waste especially of packaging. Avoid single serving products. Buy in bulk and larger containers. For drinks buy recyclable containers rather than juice boxes which are not recyclable in SF.

5. After the barbecue, recycle the recyclables and put the compostable items including paper in the green bin.

6. It is suggested that leftover food should be sent home with people in reusable containers or given to the food bank if larger quantities are leftover.

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