Study: Wind Energy Could Equal Nuclear

A report published by the Energy Department and energy industry members claims that in the not so distant future, America could generate wind energy equivalent to our current nuclear energy supply. In fact, the report says that 20% of our nation's energy could be generated by windmills by 2030.

The best news to come out of the report is that this growth is achievable without major new technological breakthroughs. I know this doesn't sound like good news, but given the political and scientific difficulties incumbent in reforming our energy infrastructure, anything easy is good.

The report does caution that it would be costly, in terms of money and land, to expand our wind turbine energy production from the current level of 16,000 to 300,000 megawatts. But once the equipment is in place, turbines could generate electricity for less than half a cent per kilowatt hour.

This is the direction our federal funding should be taking. Funding fossil fuel sources of energy like coal is investing in last century's solutions.

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