The Milk Jug Gets a New Eco-Design

You know eco-living has reached saturation point in our society when Wal-Mart and Costco are selling milk in new, environmentally friendly jugs.

This is exactly what is happening at the massive chain stores. The New York Times reports today that the experimental milk jug will cut labor, fuel and carbon costs while keeping milk fresher longer at a lower price.

Many customers are complaining about the new jugs because they require a "rock and pour" technique instead of the traditional "lift and tip." The jugs don't have spouts and newbies tend to spill milk all over during their first attempts.

Packaging and business experts say that consumers need to get used to changes in traditional food packaging as grocery stores attempt to cut energy and shipping costs everywhere. These new milk jugs can be shipped in a more efficient manner that cuts labor costs in half and reduces water usage by 60-70%. In addition, the improved shape and more efficient shipping means milk can go from cow to store in a few hours as opposed to a full day.

Consumers should be happy about the changes because they mean lower grocery costs (the new milk container costs 10 to 20 cents less), fresher food and better environmental standards.

To read the full New York Times article, go HERE.

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  1. That is great - lower prices and resources saved, aall by a little ingenuity. I think we'll see more companies moving toward "green" solutions that will use resources more efficiently and save people money.