A Must Read: Bureaucracy Hurting Whales

From CNN: "Collisions with ships are the number one cause of mortality, and entanglement in fishing gear is the number two cause," Lecky said.

Because this animal is an endangered marine mammal, NMFS, a division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, is charged with designing a recovery plan for them.

More than four years of NOAA research showed that speed kills whales. Above a speed of about 10 knots, a right whale's encounter with a large ship would likely be fatal.

NOAA is in charge of the scientific aspects of these types of rules, the federal Office of Management and Budget must weigh in on their economic impact. The OMB was supposed to make a decision on the rule last year -- but there is still no indication when it might act on it.

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  1. In the Book of Genesis, God gave Man dominion over all the beasts of the earth and all the fishes of the sea. Whales are ours to do with as we wish, and we are under no obligation to protect any animal that interferes with a strong, sound U.S. economy.

  2. Dr. Baehr I have to say that as a Christian, your perspective is troubling. With dominion comes responsibility to guard and protect, not merely destroy and tarnish. I'm proud that Americans recognize we can protect our economy responsibly without murdering anything that inconveniently stands in our way.

  3. Dr. Ted Baehr is an extremist and a hypocrite. He is also now believed by many to be a “closeted zoophilic”.
    In December of 2006, Baehr was rushed to the emergency room after his dog apparently bit him in his private parts, after Baehr had taken a shower. He told the 911 dispatcher that he ‘playfully pushed aside his dog and that the dog out of know where attacked him’. The paramedics that initially treated Baehr on the scene however noted that Baehr’s genital area was covered in peanut butter. It has been suggested that he did this so that the dog would lick it off his genitals. Talk about a sick man. I don’t find it at all surprising that Baehr believes whales “are ours to do with as we wish”.