Samsung Making Eco-Friendly Phones

If you are using a cell phone made of petroleum based plastic and containing harmful carcinogenic metals, then the 20th century called and it wants its cell phone back. The environmentally friendly cell phone has officially arrived and its manufactured by Samsung.

Last week at a trade show in South Korea, Samsung unveiled two new cell phone models that integrate eco-thinking into their design. The first, the W510, is made of corn based plastic. It is covered in a water soluble coating and no harmful metals like lead or mercury were used in the manufacturing process.

The other cell phone they released, the F268, is also made of bio-plastic but it also is free of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and brominated flame retardants (BFR). The second phone complies with EPA "Energy Star" requirements and includes an alarm that notifies you when the battery is charged so you don't wastefully leave it plugged in after its done.

Unfortunately, neither cell phone will be available in the US anytime soon. Chine and South Korea will get their hands on these environmentally friendly phones in June. Its great that Samsung is making the effort. Plus, in our global community, environmentally friendly cell phones in Asia still have a positive impact for the rest of us.

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