Wired: Guide to the Right CFL Bulb

Wired Magazine has a great new post on their website about which compact florescent bulb to use in each room of your home. They took into consideration the purpose of the room, who might be using it and which type of light would be most comfortable to your eyes when they were making their guide. Some highlights below. Enjoy!

Living Room/Dining Room:

  • Use warmer CFLs in rooms where people will congregate.
  • Yellow and Red tints in the 2,700K - 3,000K range soften skin and clothing for a more comforting environment.
  • Steer clear of bluish bulbs in these rooms because they negative affect skin tone.
  • Choose blueish green tints that will help your iris focus on detail.
  • Go with low energy 3,500K for reading or higher energy 4,100K for detail oriented work.
  • To create a romantic, inviting environment, go with bulbs of the 2,700K variety in warmer yellow and red tints.
  • Choose a dimmable bulb to control the amount of light in the room.
  • CFL's don't last as long when they are turned off and on frequently. For bathrooms, a traditional incandescent bulb might be preferred.
  • Choose "warmer" lights in the 3,000K range that have yellow or red tints to help create a cozier environment in the yard and to make yourself and your food look more delicious.
To read the full Wired piece, go HERE.

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