Water from the Air and Power from the Sun

You probably have a water cooler in your office that people use as an excuse to get out of their cubicle and wander around. All of those unnecessary trips to get water add up and over time your office (and all the world's offices) go through an alarming amount of water that has to be shipped in.

Imagine if your water cooler made its own water and did so using solar power. Imagine no more. Kilmatec has created a water cooler that combines a dehumidifier with a series of filters that can collect five gallons of water from the air in 24 hours. Once the water is filtered, it is very drinkable.

In addition to providing free water collected from the air, Kilmatec offers a solar panel option that allows the machine to operate on completely renewable energy. This is especially helpful if there is an emergency and your office or home runs out of clean water and electricity.

This new machine even has hot and cold water spouts.

Unfortunately, Kilmatec hasn't released a price for the cooler. To read more, click HERE

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