Green DC: No Baby Panda for Mei Xiang

Many in DC were excited about the news that the National Zoo's panda Mei Xiang, mother of 3 year old Tai Shan, was showing signs of pregnancy over the past few months.

Urine analysis of Mei Xiang showed falling progesterone levels in mid-July, indicating the possibility of pregnancy. Ultrasounds were performed but came up inconclusive, which is not uncommon in the early stages of panda pregnancy. Mei Xiang showed some maternal behaviors and her uterus changed slightly.

In spite of these different indicators, the National Zoo announced today that Mei Xiang is not pregnant. The Zoo admits that scientists still know little about panda pregnancies. Veterinarians and experts speculate that Mei Xiang may have experienced the early loss of a fetus that was eventually absorbed into her uterine wall. Experiences like these continue to teach scientists more about the process by which pandas reproduce.

The National Zoo says that Mei Xiang is expected to return to normal hormone and activity levels in the coming weeks.


  1. Thanks for sharing the news. Just FYI, the pandas are Mei Xiang and Tai Shan. And where you have "uturusbut" I think the words "uturus" and "but" ran together.

  2. Thanks for your help, I made the changes :)