McCain Selling U.S. Treasures for Campaign Cash

For years, John McCain opposed additional domestic oil drilling. It is well documented (read HERE) that when he switched that position on June 16th, oil industry contributions to his campaign grew enormously. In May, McCain raised $208,000 from oil executives, in June he raised $1.1 million. Since that time he has continued to receive hefty contributions from anyone associated with the oil industry.

Its frustrating, to say the least, that McCain traded campaign contributions for America's environmental health. Apparently though, he isn't through.

One of the most protected pieces of American land is the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). Millions of acres in Alaska are set aside from development and human encroachment so that we can study and conserve the natural environment there. Forty-five species of land and marine mammals inhabit the area, including species of whale and bear. Native tribes live in and rely on the refuge for survival and travel.

In 2005, John McCain voted to protect ANWR from oil drilling that would bring people, machines and settlements into this pristine area. In 2008, as a Presidential candidate, he is thinking of changing his mind.

The Weekly Standard's Steven F. Hayes wrote this week that McCain told him he is reconsidering his support for protecting ANWR from oil drilling. Apparently those big oil industry checks got McCain's mouth watering at the possibility of raising more money by opening up America's most precious preserve. He is also reacting to polling that suggests the public is willing to do anything to lower the price of gasoline.

I wonder how much the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is worth to McCain. He once said drilling in ANWR is akin to drilling in the Grand Canyon. Its amazing how much can change when campaign money is involved.

Read Hayes' story from the Weekly Standard HERE.


  1. If this is Mc Cains Idea for our enviornment future I do not want part of it. we need to preserve our wild life. I mean with out our animals, fish, and our lands were would we be. i really dislike the idea of drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
    money comes and goes, but our lands! how do we recover our lands...

  2. not only that but if one mistake is made then that entire ecosystem will be screwed beyond belief and then i highly doubt it will be fixable anytime soon.

  3. I think john mccain needs to spend a few weeks by himself out in the artic lands, then decide if he can go forth with his decision. Mccain should consider taxing the Hummer dealerships and all other gas guzzling vehicles that burn up our fossil fuels. If we committed to riding scooters, bikes, public transportation or even a freakin toyota camry, we could all cut back on foreign oil usage.

  4. omg this sight is so bias why arent they dishing out views of obama campaign

  5. To the last commenter on Oct. 27th, I have to disagree with your suggestion that this blog is biased. Below are links to several posts that are critical of Senator Obama's environmental record.

    During the early part of 2008, I wrote in great depth about Obama's environmental because it was at that time that we were all learning a great deal about him. Since then, the focus has been on the differences between Senator McCain and Obama. Below I will also link to comparisons between Obama's record and McCain's.

    I must say two more things. First, McCain's environmental record was fairly strong before this campaign. His decision to support offshore drilling and his selection of Gov. Palin have undermined his environmental credentials. Second, this is a pro-environment site. The idea isn't to give Obama and McCain equal time, just equal expectations with regard to their records. Since McCain's record right now is not as strong, he receives greater scrutiny.






  6. this is terrible. Not only is he promoting the use of oil still instead of alternative resources, he is harming our endangered species. I really hope he does not become president.