New York Turning to Wind Energy

I blogged about an Energy Department study which found that wind energy could equal the power currently generated by nuclear energy simply by using existing technology and investing sufficient capital. You can read that post HERE. One of the only obstacles to gaining 20% of our energy from wind is space. It is difficult to find enough property for all those wind turbines.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has come up with a plan to install wind power generators on the tops of the city's bridges, on buildings and shorelines. Mayor Bloomberg believes that turbines in the windier areas of the city like Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island could provide 10% of New York's electricity in 10 years.

In addition to installing wind energy generators, the Mayor's plan also calls for solar panels installed on the roofs of high rises in the city.

What is important now is for the Mayor to follow through on his plans and begin detailing the funding and strategy for installing these alternative energy sources, or else the plan is just a bunch of hot air.

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