Oil Pay for Protesting House Members

Republican Members of the U.S. House of Representatives are currently involved in a standoff with the House Democratic Leadership over offshore oil drilling. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has ordered the House begin its August recess without considering a proposal to lift the ban on offshore oil drilling. In protest, Republican representatives have stayed in Washington and continue to hold their own debate on the issue while everyone else returns to their Districts.

If you are wondering what it costs to keep a politician in Washington to participate in a highly publicized PR stunt, here is a chart of the oil campaign contributions received by each of the representatives involved in the protest. The chart was put together by John Nelson using Open Secrets.

Republican House Member20062008
Rep. Lynn Westmoreland$0$0
Rep. John Boehner$65,000$0
Rep. Adam Putnam$0$20,000
Rep. Roy Blunt$87,300$98,900
Rep. Louie Gohmert$76,700$29,850
Rep. Tom Price$0$0
Rep. Mike Pence$30,000$0
Rep. John Shadegg$21,775$22,000
Rep. Ted Poe$43,450$24,200
Rep. John Campbell$0$0
Rep. Duncan Hunter$0$0
Rep. John Shimkus$27,850$31,750
Rep. Bill Sali$10,500$32,500
Rep. Charlie Dent$0$0
Rep. John Carter$29,350$18,550
Rep. Thaddeus McCotter$0$0
Rep. Shelley Moore Capito$66,700$47,250
Rep. Michael Burgess$32,446$53,700
Rep. Tim Walberg$0$13,050
Rep. Jeff Fortenberry$0$0
Rep. Virginia Foxx$16,750$7,500
Rep. Eric Cantor$0$44,600
Rep. Steve King$0$12,500
Rep. Pete Hoekstra$0$0
Rep. Mike Conaway$94,500$113,500
Rep. Dan Lungren$15,000$11,000
Rep. Don Manzullo$0$0
Rep. Adrian Smith$0$0
Rep. Devin Nunes$24,000$29,000
Rep. Michael Turner$0$0
Rep. Paul BrounDidn't Run$13,250
Rep. Greg Walden$27,200$0
Rep. Tom Cole$86,096$51,100
Rep. Kevin Brady$43,500$38,500
Rep. Wally Herger$9,000$0
Rep. Kevin McCarthy$38,550$16,000
Rep. John Boozman$0$4,300
Rep. Jon Porter$50,562$39,800
Rep. Henry Brown$11,000$15,550
Rep. Mary Fallin$169,950$79,950
Rep. Mike Rogers (MI)$31,700$23,950
Rep. Rob Bishop$8,500$5,100
Rep. Brian Bilbray$20,300$8,550
Rep. Todd Platts$5,000$4,000
Rep. Joe Wilson$0$0
Rep. Chip Pickering$43,659$43,300
Rep. Gus Bilirakis$0$17,100
Rep. John Culberson$53,700$18,657
Total Oil and Gas Contributions$1,240,038$988,957

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