Video: Obama on McCain's Tire-Gauge Joke

A week ago, Barack Obama made a comment about ways we can all improve the fuel efficiency of our cars. One of his suggestions was filling our cars' tires to capacity. I have suggested this on the blog in the past and I have read several automotive websites that make the same suggestion. Everyone is looking to save a few bucks on gas and be greener in the process, right?

Apparently John McCain thought this suggestion was very funny and saw it as a political opportunity, so his campaign began creating tire gauges with "Obama Energy Plan" written on them that they hand out (read about them HERE).

A joke is a joke, but shouldn't we all really be doing things like this to reduce our collective demand for foreign oil?

UPDATE: Apparently McCain was embarrassed by the response to his silly mockery of Obama's suggestion by other GOP leaders because he is slowly changing his tune...

“Obama said a couple of days ago says we all should inflate our tires. I don’t disagree with that. The American Automobile Association strongly recommends it,” McCain said.

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