Chrysler has Electric Cars Too!

A few days ago I wrote a post about the Chevrolet Volt, GM's electric car that is set to hit American car lots by November 0f 2010. Proving yet again that competition in the green technology sector will yield more options, Chrysler announced plans today to introduce a full line of electric vehicles by late 2010, including cars, trucks and SUV's.

While the Chevy Volt gets about 40 miles on a battery charge (the average american drives 33.4 miles everyday), Chrysler's pure electric car will get a range of 150-200 miles on a charge. What separates the two is that the Volt includes a traditional engine that kicks in when the battery runs out. Chrysler will have vehicles with similar battery/gasoline capabilities in their new line-up. These cars should get 400 miles on only 8 gallons of gas. 

While they continue to invest in electric vehicles, Chrysler is also working with General Electric and the Department of Energy to develop smaller, higher capacity batteries for cars. 

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