Palin Supports Bridge, not Beluga Whales

For being the Governor of Alaska for roughly 18 months, Gov. Palin has taken the side of industry over environment several times. 

It began with the proposed listing of the polar bear as a threatened species. Her administration sued the Bush administration to block listing of the bears. The lawsuit stated that Gov. Palin opposed the listing because "it will deter activities such as commerical fisheries, oil and gas exploration and development, transportation and tourism."

Next we find out that Sarah Palin conveniently chooses to believe that global climate change is not influenced by man's activities. This is coming from a politician who served as Chair of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, a group that works to expand the sale of oil and gas around the country. 

Now the AP is reporting that a $600 million bridge connecting Gov. Palin's hometown of 7,000 people and a larger city is being supported by Palin even though it will greatly impact beluga whale populations. The money for the bridge comes from an earmark request by Alaskan Congressman Don Young. Young's son-in-law owns a small piece of property near the mouth of the proposed bridge site and the bridge will be named after the Congressman. 

Scientists have reported that construction of the bridge will have a negative impact on a population of beluga whales who live near the area. Currently, the National Marine Fisheries Service is evaluating whether to list the particular beluga whales who inhabit the area as endangered under the Endangered Species Act. Gov. Palin has publicly urged the NMFS not to list the species as endangered. 

Read more about the bridge to Wasilla HERE

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