Recycle Your Crocs

So you own Crocs. There might be a million different explanations for how you gained possession of a pair. Whether you love them or hate them, whether you have Croc pride or Croc shame and whether you plan to buy a new pair or stay away from them completely, you should know how to dispose of your Crocs when the time comes.

SolesUnited is a first-of-its-kind footwear recycling program for Crocs. They accept old worn out Crocs that are recycled into new shoes and donated to some of the poorest people in the world. 

There are two ways to get your Crocs to SolesUnited. First, you can go to one of the authorized retail locations which are listed HERE. Second, you can ship your Crocs to SolesUnited by clicking HERE. 

SolesUnited has set a goal of distributing 2 million shoes made from recycled donated Crocs to poor people in developing nations. So far they have given out 1 million. They accept all styles of Crocs footwear.

If you want to do more, or if you plan on buying another pair of Crocs soon, consider purchasing a pair of SolesUnited Crocs. They are made of 20% recycled product and for each pair you buy, Crocs will donate a pair of shoes to the SolesUnited program. These special edition Crocs are available to children and adults. Click HERE for the adult Crocs and HERE for the kids. 

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  1. I do have a pair of crocs and have heard they are one of the most toxic shoes on the market. But they are still selling so good to know I can recycle them.

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