EcoDriving USA

Wonder why those gas prices are so high? Of course you do. 

In the past, gas prices spiked during  international military conflicts or severe weather events, but prices had been consistently high before any recent similar events and they haven't dropped much now that things have calmed down. So whats going on?

Demand alone is driving costs up. For the first time ever, global demand for petroleum has reached such high levels that absent turmoil in oil producing countries or hurricanes in the Gulf, gas prices are still skyrocketing. 

This is due to the growing middle class in developing nations like China, India, Egypt and Indonesia. American-style communities of single family homes, family cars, family vacations and modern conveniences are becoming increasingly common in formely impoverished nations. Now, many of these nations who once sold the majority of their domestic oil to us are using more of it for themselves. 

There is no solution to the supply problem with petroleum. Drilling off the American coast will reap some rewards, but in ten years it will be a very small drop in a huge empty bucket. World demand is increasing every year by a much higher rate than can be controlled. 

So what do we do? Begin conserving gasoline. By lowering our own oil consumption we save ourselves money and help reduce demand slightly, which results in less expensive petroleum. Conservation is free, easy and keeps money in your wallet. 

A new website called EcoDriving USA is designed to help you conserve fuel. It is supported by a bi-partisan group of politicians and business leaders. Democratic Gov. Ritter of Colorado and Republican Gov. Schwarzenegger of California are spokesman for the site.  

On the site you can calculate your car's CO2 emissions, then use their tips and tools to reduce your car's emissions by making it more fuel efficient. The end result is a greener car that saves you money. 

This one is definitely worth checking out, find it HERE. 

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