Green DC: Casey Trees

Washington, DC is home to one of the most extensive urban tree planting programs in the country. Visit other big cities and you'll quickly notice that none match the park-like setting of DC. All of this beauty requires care and effort by many dedicated volunteers. One group most responsible for organizing these volunteers and expanding tree planting in DC is Casey Trees.

Casey Trees is a local organization that plants trees, trains locals to be Citizen Foresters, organizes volunteers, teaches school children about trees, supervises DC's canopy development and more.

Casey Trees provides several opportunities for DC residents to get involved in planting more trees in our city. If you want to get deeply involved in this process, you can train to become a Citizen Forester. If you have less time but would like to help, you can participate in several organized tree plantings.

One of the greatest resources offered by Casey Trees is their website. There you will find a ton of great information like a Tree Benefits Calculator, interactive maps, tree care tips, etc.

Stop by their website, www.caseytrees.org, today to find out how you can get a $50 rebate to buy and plant a tree. You can also check out their calendar of events to find out when the next tree event is taking place.

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