Green DC: Recycle E-Waste at Goodwill with Dell

If you live in the DC metropolitan area (which includes Northern Virginia and Maryland) you can now recycle your electronic waste at Goodwill locations.

The program is a partnership between Dell and Goodwill. Best of all, the contract between Goodwill and Dell stipulates that none of the e-waste can be sent to China, to avoid THESE issues.

If you have old cell phones, music players, computers, monitors, televisions, etc. and you'd like to donate them so their internals can be reused, this is an excellent opportunity. The program accepts all electronics from any manufacturer, in any condition and of any age.

The program is called "Reconnect" and the goal is to collect 2.7 million pounds of electronics, keeping them out of our landfills where they leak toxic metals into the ground.

To find out the location and hours of a drop-off location near you, go to www.reconnectpartnership.com, then click on "Participating Goodwills," choose Virginia from the list and click Goodwill of Greater Washington.

This is an incredible opportunity that everyone should take advantage of. There is no longer an excuse to put dangerous electronics on the curb. Check out the locations and recycle your old gadgets today.

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