EPA's Most Wanted

Eco-Criminals beware...the Environmental Protection Agency has created a most-wanted list for you. A new EPA website will feature pictures and bios of fugitive environmental lawbreakers.

The new list was posted online today, already featuring 23 offenders committing crimes that include smuggling of o-zone depleting substances, discharging pollutants into the air & water, laundering money and making criminally false statements.

The EPA believes this new list will assist in capturing fugitives on the run from the law for committing dangerous environmental crimes.

If you recognize an eco-criminal on the list, fill out the "Report a Fugitive" form online and send tips directly to the EPA so they can begin following the lead.

The EPA urges citizens to remember that many fugitives are likely armed with more than gas hogging SUV's and litter. These characters are involved in complex schemes that involve millions of dollars and dangerous associations.

Check out the EPA's new Most Wanted website by clicking HERE.

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