2008: U.S. Biggest Producer of Wind Energy

In 2008, the United States overcame Germany to become the top wind energy producer in the world!

Much of this achievement is due to the enormous growth of wind energy producers just over the last few years. New wind projects represented 42% of America's wind energy creation in 2008. They added 8.4 gigawatts to the grid, bringing our total wind energy production to 25 gigawatts. Germany's wind energy output is 24 gigawatts.

There is plenty of room for growth as the Senate seriously considers including $31 billion worth of tax cuts for renewable energy development and President Obama plans to push a "smart" energy grid.


  1. Wind energy has been regarded as one of the most promising forms of renewable energy to be utilized for electric power generated for current and future needs. Historically wind energy has been harnessed for a vast number of human needs for approximately 5500 years. As a ‘futuristic green source of energy’, wind energy is now being harnessed at a growing rate globally, as we face a dramatic change in our environment.

    In view of the above, The United Nations Development Program - UNDP has initiated the project "Sustainable Development of Commercial Scale Wind Power Generation Project” referred simply to as the Wind Energy Project (WEP). This project has been undertaken as an effort to curb the current global environmental crisis being faced in light of heavy emissions of green house gases to fuel a growing population. The project is focused on both developed and developing countries, and is in Phase I of its implementation in Pakistan. The project is being undertaken in association with the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) and the Alternative Energy Development Board

    Please visit our website www.wep.org.pk for a detailed analysis into the implementation of wind energy in Pakistan based the UNDP directive, including specific and thorough investigations into wind energy, wind resource assessment, key financial instruments for tariff refinement, detailed EIA and EA guidelines with reference to potential windy sites in Pakistan, and a list of informative websites on wind energy. Also, please sign our guestbook http://wep-guestbook.org/guestbook/ and leave your comments.

  2. In todays world we should make use of wind energy as electric power.

  3. It is Good that new projects are taking up for developing and producing solar energy.

  4. The more and more we build, the cheaper wind turbines will become!