CityRenewed.com: A Must See Site

If you live in DC, you and I might have the same problem: finding DC environmental info in one place. When I write posts about green happenings around our area, I have to sift through dozens of web calendars, organization sites and local newspapers.

A new website called CityRenewed.com has solved this frustrating problem. The site launched in early 2009 and is the most comprehensive source of green info in DC I've ever found.

Among the offerings on the site:

  • Green Events Calendar: The events calendar on City Renewed covers every green happening in DC you could hope to find - from farmers' markets to green jobs fairs and all the museum exhibits and educational workshops in between. If you have your own green event, you can add it to the calendar.
  • Green Business Guide: Searching for eco-friendly businesses in DC is kind of tough. Google results are almost useless. City Renewed has pulled together an incredible listing of green businesses in DC, divided into logical categories. You can even use their map to find what businesses are in your neighborhood.
  • Green Blog Posts: Running throughout the site are a number of totally useful and interesting blog posts all related to DC. Some of the posts relate to current issues, while other offer tips on how to be green in DC.
We recommend bookmarking City Renewed. The site is incredibly useful and intuitive. It is for sure the most comprehensive green resource in DC.


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  2. Hello,

    Nice writings... I'm from Indonesia and see that you have a same opinions about environment... Thank you

  3. City renewed is definitely a must see site. In fact I subscribed thru their feeds because I find the topics so interesting. of course, they are pro-environment.