Dual Flusher Doesn't Require New Toilet

It's not unusual to see dual-flush toilets in other countries. If you've never seen one before, they are just like any other toilet, only they allow users to choose one of two flushing options. When you need less water you push one button, or one lever. When you need more water, you push the other button or lever.

The idea is to conserve water by not using maximum water flushing if it isn't necessary. One downside to adopting this technology in America is the need to replace millions of toilets already in existence.

A company called Brondell has come up with a solution for us Americans seeking more than one flushing option. The "Perfect Flush" is a toilet modification that provides two buttons connected to a sensor in your toilet tank. One button tells the sensor to let all the water out, while the other tells the sensor to let half the water out.

The company claims anyone can install the Perfect Flush and that it takes just 30 minutes to set-up. It works with about 90% of existing toilets and comes with a one-year warranty. The system is designed to provide 50% water savings.

If you want to check out the Perfect Flush, go to their website by clicking HERE.

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