Drink Boxed Wine for the Environment!

Mother Nature wants you to drink boxed wine. Thats why she made it better for the environment than glass bottles. FINALLY, an excuse to bring boxed wine to a party. Read below for more and click the link for all of it.

The report evaluates three types of container systems for wine: paperboard containers, glass bottles, and PET bottles. The paperboard containers (which are composed of a laminate of paperboard, aluminum, and polyolefin resins) are manufactured by Tetra Pak and include the Tetra Brik™ and Tetra Prisma™. The secondary and tertiary packaging (such as corrugated boxes) used for transporting filled containers from the winery to a distribution center are also included.

The functional unit used to compare the container types is the delivery of 1000 L of wine. That’s quite the party (that’s 111 cases of bottled wine or 1332 – 750 mL bottles). According to this study we should be drinking our wine from Tetra Paks and not glass bottles if we are concerned about GHG emissions and energy requirements!! This also indicates that single-serving containers are worse (as we all should know) than multi-serving containers. However – it also means that if we do buy the wine in boxes then we need to RECYCLE said boxes.

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