52 New Species Discovered

Jungle secrets: 52 new species found in Borneo's 'Lost World'

More than 50 new species of animals and plants that have never been seen before have been discovered in a 'Lost World' on the island of Borneo in just 18 months, say scientists.

Among them are two tree frogs, a whole range of plants and trees and 30 brand new types of fish including a tiny one less than a centimetre long and a catfish with an adhesive belly that allows it to stick to rocks.

Scientists said the remarkable discoveries on the island - equivalent to one a week over the past year - show why the unique environment must be preserved for future generations.

They said its previously remote and inaccessible forests are one of the "final frontiers for science".

Yet they are under threat from developers wanting to create new rubber and palm oil plantations.

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