State of the Union, Bush Going Green?

A Time article released this morning poses this question..."Is the President Going Green?"

The short answer is no. I don't say that because of any political leanings. I say that because if we are truly going to make genuine attempts at a future of less energy dependance and cleaner air, the solutions must be as genuine as those attempts.

Speeches are great and they do bring attention to this critical issue. But the President and Congress must be careful that they do not appease citizen anxiety over environmental damage by creating an illusion of action on the issue.

I hope by the next State of the Union, that rather then repeat the same rhetoric about new energy technologies and reduced reliance on oil, the President can provide us with the results of his and Congress' action. I want to hear where we are on Hydrogen Fuel Cells after investing millions of tax payer dollars on the questionable technology. Rather than tell us that our addiction to oil can only be ended by drilling in Alaska, I want to hear that new efficiency standards on automobiles means we will never have to.

I think its great that the President is beginning to address the issue of diminishing resources. But lets talk straight about our intentions and finally accomplish something.

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