Cleaner, Safer, Cheaper

One of the most important issues facing the United States is that of diminishing natural resources. Responsbility for inaction on this issue falls on the shoulders of members of both major political parties and on us, the citizens.

Unlike most difficult challenges we face in our complicated world, the challenge of diminishing resources has a wide spectrum of available solutions. Many of these solutions have the added benefit of saving money at the consumer and federal government level.

For instance, if the United States began a policy of better protection for wetlands, rivers, and lakes, taxpayers could save millions on the cost of levees, dams, and water filtration that is naturally (meaning free) provided by healthy ecosystems. Or if consumers installed electricity monitors that showed them the demand and, therefore, the cost of their utilities throughtout the day, they could use less at peak times resulting in conservation of power.

The beginning of the 21st century was a fresh opportunity for the US to usher in a green future where dirty combustible engines were replaced by clean burning electric vehicles. Unpredictable events and some bad policy decisions may have temporarily derailed progress on better protection for our natural resources, but a new focus on moderate, obtainable, and sustainable goals can put us back on track to a healthier world.

This isn't just about the agenda of the next President of the United States. This is about a goal all Americans should set for our nation. This is about energy independence, its about protecting our coasts, its about the health of our children, and its about putting more money back into our pockets.

Both political parties and citizens shoulder the blame for diminishing resources. Now is the time for everybody to reap the rewards of reversing the tide.

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